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Mel Schockner
Photographer of 3-D Fine Art & Craft

Photography of 3-D Art

My own wood carvings were the first subjects of my photography of art, but I soon found myself photographing artwork for other artists who were impressed with those early images. Thus began my new career in 1985 as a professional photographer of fine art and craft.

In photographing 3-D objects, lighting is everything. I must illuminate the work in such a way that not only shows everything about its form, texture, color and material, but also makes the subject appear to pop off of the page.

In my years of experience photographing art I have perfected techniques for lighting 3-D objects, as well as the ability to select, in close consultation with the artist, the best views to show the essence of the artworks to the viewer who does not have the artist's intimate familiarity with the work.

When a sculpture tells a story or makes a statement, as in Jerry Ross Barrish's mixed media and Beverly Mayeri's ceramic sculptures, the photographer must “get it” and be able to convey the essence of that sculpture with lighting and composition.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the artists whose work I have had the pleasure of photographing, for the confidence they have placed in me, and granting me the opportunity for such a fulfilling & successful career.

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Bronze & Metal   Glass   Stone   Mixed Media   Ceramics   Wood   Jewelry

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